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Dating widows – Characteristics of a healthy relationship (pt1)

If you think a healthy relationship is made easy and quick, you are absolutely wrong. Healthy couples are able to make healthy relationships because of some significant factors. If you and your partner want to be a healthy couple, you must learn the basic components of a successful relationship.
Who says you cannot be friends with your partner? A well-established connection is needed between couples. If you think you are not considering your partner as a friend right now, then there must be something wrong with how you connect with each other. Being friends with your partner gives you to a deeper bond. You will also be able to enjoy your moments together if you consider your partner as your best friend.
One thing that creates a successful relationship is when a couple respects each other. This is also a way to assess your compatibility when it comes to values and principles. However, even with some differences, respect should always be maintained.

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