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Dating widows – The traits of a fulfilling relationship (pt1)

Everybody wants to have a fulfilling relationship. This is not something that is readily available though. Two individuals must exert time and effort together to create a satisfying relationship along with the mutual feelings and goals. The following are some of the characteristics of a fulfilling relationship.
Affection is used to deepen the connection of two individuals. This is necessary to ensure that you and your partner will have a consistent and caring interaction with one another. Affection is also a way to empower your relationship. This allows you to share a sweet feeling of concern. Remember that the complete opposite of affection is self-love or self-interest. Your interest should not be focused towards yourself but towards your partner.
A relationship is not complete without intimacy. There are many ways to show intimacy. It is not called true intimacy if you are just focusing on the physical aspect. Intimacy should also be based on respect and trust. Intimacy should be maintained and felt beyond its physical aspect.

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