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Dating widows – The traits of a fulfilling relationship (pt2)

Following on from last week, here are a few more positive traits for your relationship.
A relationship will not last long without commitment. From the very start of establishing it, you and your partner should agree to stay committed to each other at all cost. It is more like a promise. A true commitment binds two individuals together.
Full Cooperation
Two individuals in a relationship should work together to achieve common goals and dreams. This is how two people should be united. Full cooperation also involves acknowledging the responsibilities of each decision made. To give your full cooperation, you must forget your pride and act for the benefit of your relationship.
Good Communication Skills
Two individuals in a relationship act based on how they communicate their feelings to each other. If this is done properly, it will create understanding and acceptance. You and your partner should learn how to listen actively and to express your opinions and thoughts to prevent arguments and misunderstandings. The problem with some couples is that they often assume and do not initiate a discussion about the issue.

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